"Her songs are galactic." - New York Music Daily "With her large vocal range, ethereal vocal quality, and disarming manner delivering poetic and confessional lyrics, singer Carol Lipnik is divinely, startlingly hypnotic. That may sound like hyperbole, but clear your head and take a listen. She pulls you in." - Rob Lester, Talkin' Broadway "Ms. Lipnik is a musical master of caesura, the subtle pauses between words that can make all the difference in delivering a line. Carol Lipnik is a magical muse of a performer…(she) uses her voice like a spiritual instrument. Backed by a trio of musicians who really get her intentions…the performer enraptured a full house of enthusiastic Carol Lipnik devotees… This artist is well worth your time and money. As one patron told me afterwards, “She is what we need for our times at the end of the Empire. She gives us much needed hope.” Another, visibly moved from the performance, found her “heartbreaking.”" - Andrew Poretz, Theater Pizzazz”

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